Knock-Off Gnocchi Soup

April 27, 2020



    Did you know that celery, when cooked, makes it's own natural kind of nitrate? It is kind like a "natural" MSG. MSG is a major trigger for my chronic migraine disease. It took me YEARS to figure out this issue with celery. A lot of soups, broths and foods in that category will boast "no MSG" on the label, but if you read the ingredients, I bet you will see celery on the list. Some people don't have food triggers or are bothered by celery, each person is unique and you have to do the work to discover what does and doesn't not agree with your body.


    Olive Garden makes a chicken gnocchi soup, and it used to be my favorite, but I had to give it up because it was made with celery. After years of craving this soup, I decided to turn to Pinterest and find a copy-cat recipe. After trying a few, I took bits and pieces and this is what I came up with - and I am not lying when I tell you I think it knocks the socks off of the original! I hope you love it as much as I do!! 


*For all recipes I post, I give it a "spoon value"  of 1-5 spoons - which is how much energy it takes me to make it based on the spoon theory - 1 spoon = making a frozen pizza ... up to 5 spoons = Thanksgiving dinner 




Chicken Gnocchi Soup

(2 spoon recipe) 





- 1 rotisserie chicken (I just use the white meat) chopped very small

- 2 cloves of minced garlic 

- 1 1/2 sticks of butter

- 3/4 C flour

- 3/4 C sweet onion, chopped fine 

- 1 1/4 C shredded carrots (I buy full carrots and shred then on the fine side of a cheese grater)

- 2 tsp thyme

- 1 1/2 tsp salt

- 1 tsp black pepper 

- 4 C chicken stock or broth 

- 2 1/2 C heavy cream

- 16oz package of gnocchi (I like the mini gnocchi best)

- freshly chopped spinach (I usually do 2 handfuls) 

- Parmesan cheese





 I love that this broth is organic, low sodium AND no celery! Seriously, not easy to find a broth or stock without it ((happy dance)) - and yes I could technically make my own, but I don't. 


















1) Add butter and onion to large pot, slowly sweat the onions until tender

2) Add the carrots, minced garlic and cook for a couple minutes 

3) Add flour, salt, pepper and thyme - stir until well mixed in

4) Add chicken broth, heavy cream and bring to a low boil

5) Turn down heat to low/medium and add the gnocchi and the chicken

6) Add spinach, let simmer until the gnocchi and spinach is done  

    (taste before you plate and decide if it needs more thyme/salt/pepper)

7) Serve - garnish with Parmesan cheese and dip your favorite bread or even crackers 





This is such and easy, filling meal... both my boys eat it, so that gives it an extra star in my book! 











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