8 years

October 1, 2019





    Today marks 8 years since Jeremy and I stood in the chapel of the USS Ronald Reagan and became husband and wife. This year has been hard. There is not way around that fact, but it has nothing to do with our relationship. The hard comes from our second miscarriage, my declining health, navigating a new fertility clinic and trying to grow our family. Through all of our challenges we are united. 


    Jeremy gives me a safe place to be completely myself. He knows all of my fears, anxieties and struggles. The past few years, living in New York, has truly strengthened our marriage and our bond. From the start of our marriage a lot of or life was separate. Because of the Navy and Jeremy being attached to a ship, he was gone A LOT and almost felt like a visitor in our life. All that changed when we came here. I needed this time. We needed this time. The seclusion from the outside world and the pressures that come with being in familiar places gave us the opportunity to lean into each other more and I am so thankful for that. 


    The more time that goes by, the things that I love about Jeremy and our relationship are the most  simple things that others might find boring. I think it is a thrilling example of how well we know one another and how deep our love is. We are comfortable with each other and can anticipate what the other needs. I'll give a few examples.... He knows how to make my tea. I know how he likes is coffee. We think the same, so much so that we often laugh and say "get out of my brain!"  We are homebodies and love to just be together as much as possible. Our dream would be woking together out of our home. 


    One of my favorites memories of this past year happened before out little summer getaway. Our van needed to have some work done (which turned into more work) before we could leave for our trip together... While we waited we walked across the street to McDonald's.  We had lunch and decided to pass the time by playing our favorite card game. While we played, an older man sat at a table close by. He could see me, but not Jeremy since we sat in a booth. I noticed him watching me as he ate. Attention like that makes me uncomfortable so I just tried to ignore it.  As the man got up to leave, he walked right to us with a smile on his face and said thank you. I replied what for?? He look at me, then at Jeremy and said, Is this your guy? I said yes. Then he said can I see your left hand? I was confused but showed him. He saw my ring and said oh good! If you didn't have a ring on that finger I would have told him to hurry up! You have such sparkle in your eye, it reminds me of my wife, we've been married 47 years. You mannerisms are just like hers too. You really made my day! ... Then he turned to Jeremy and said don't you do anything to mess up on her! I honestly had no idea what to expect when that man came over, but he made our day too. I said to Jeremy isn't it amazing that you make me so happy and so loved that a stranger noticed and it made his day!? You never know how a sweet compliment or your own energy can impact the world, and I hope that our love for one another can continue to be an example for others for as long as we live. 









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