Starting Essential Oils

September 23, 2019



    I first dipped my toe in the essential oil world when Nathan was a toddler. I was desperate to help him get better sleep, but I knew absolutely nothing about oils. A friend got Young Living's Peace and Calming for me. I diluted it and rolled it on the bottom's of Nathan's feet. I was inconsistent about it, mostly because I was not fond of the scent. Because that oil is a blend I had really no idea what specific thing in it was bothersome to me. After a few months I left the bottle and roller to collect dust and didn't really give it a second thought. 


    Earlier this year, I began to think more about essential oils as a support for my chronic migraine condition. Let me be very clear, I in no way think that essential oils are a "cure" for migraine. There is NO cure for migraine. I view oils as a tool and a way to support mine and my family's health. Under the amazing guidance of one of my very best friends, Kelly, I dove back into the world of essential oils, ready this time to learn as much as possible and truly understand what I was getting into. 


    Chronic migraine makes me approach most things in a different and more cautious way, undertaking essential oils (for the second time) was no different. The following are things that I have learned that could possibly help others with migraine take a confident step on this path...




1) Less is more...

    One of the first things I noticed about the essential oil world is the hundreds of "recipes" that you can concoct. Many call for "8 drops this, 5 drops of that, 3 more drops of these..." STOP right there! Do NOT jump into oils and start following all these seemingly fun, cute named recipes. Starting slow is key. You need to know what oils trigger a migraine and you will never find that out if you just start dumping them all together. Upon Kelly's suggestion, when I got my starter kit, I opened one oil a day and diffused just a couple of drops at a time to see how my body would react. 



2) Write it all down... 

    When you are slowly figuring out what oils are beneficial and which are triggering, it is important to keep notes about everything you try. You won't be able to remember once you are a few oils deep into testing. This also helps when you are figuring out what already blended oils you can handle. Blends are oils that have more than one oil mixed together to make a beneficial interaction when diffused or applied topically (always follow the guidelines for dilution.)  Examples : Stress Away, Valor, Raven 



3) Diffuse lightly... 

    Remember all the recipes? If I ever try them, I do two things 1- make sure I can handle all the oils it suggests and 2- use far less than they call for. I know that I can only handle a few drops of oil at a time. For example, right now I have lemon and lavender going ... 2 drops of each. Any more than that and it would make me sick, even when it's an oil my body can handle. 



4) What works for others might not work for me...

    Everybody in the oil world is crazy over Thieves. I get it, a natural cleaner and immune support, yes please! I was eager to test this oil and boy was I shocked. I put just 3 drops in my diffuser (with water of course) and within just 2 minutes of it going I felt horrible, migraine swooped in and I had to dump out the diffuser. The most beloved oil out there is a hard no for me, and that sucks! I was disappointed, but it was important for me to find that out before I invested in more Thieves based products. 



5) Singles are better for me than blends...

    I can't eat grapefruit, it is a migraine trigger that was sneaky and took me a long time to figure out - because I don't like the fruit by itself. I discovered it was a trigger when it was an ingredient in something else. Citrus Fresh combines lemon, orange and grapefruit. I already knew I could handle lemon and orange. I thought well I am not eating the grapefruit so diffusing it should be fine. Wrong. Major trigger. It took a little longer, probably 20 minutes of diffusing for it to trigger me. So now instead of doing the Citrus Fresh I simply make my own mix and diffuse a couple drops each or lemon and orange. 



6) Ask lots of questions...

    There are SO many amazing, knowledgeable people in the oil community. The best thing that I have found is there is not one single person that claims to "know it all" when it comes to oils. If you ask a question and that person doesn't know the answer, they reach out to people they know for moe knowledge. We are all learning and sharing as a community. The support and encouragement has been so great. Figuring out what oils and methods work best for me in regards to migraine, I hope will help others too. 





*** If you have any questions about oils, my methods or what I have learned (and am still learning!) feel free to reach out! If you are interested in starting the oil journey yourself, I would be happy to help with that as well. It is my goal to help build our community and help established oil users understand and guide more people like myself in the best ways to safely approach and use oils. 










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