Super Basic Tasks That Are Super Hard For Me

June 7, 2019



    When you live with chronic migraine, there are so many things that seem very basic that are actually very difficult to do. Keep reading and I will give you some examples...




- Showering... This is a basic, very necessary part of life. But when you live with chronic pain you have to plan it out. I know that showering is so exhausting and it leaves me feeling like I did a work out, and that isn't the hardest part for me - the hardest part is drying may hair. It is loud, I have to pull on my hair/head and that can be triggering. So why not skip the drying part you may ask.... Well, having wet hair is actually even more of a trigger for me. Double edge sword situation. 


- Grocery Shopping... Ugh. This is not fun for me.... Winding through a store loaded with triggers (lights, smells, noise...) is daunting. Then you have to unload it from the cart to the check out, which always leaves me dizzy from all the bending and standing it (I am little so it's a workout for me, you guys!) Then you load it in the car, unload it at home, THEN you you have to put it all way. It's terrible. One of the inventions that I love is the grocery pick up service. Having someone doing all the shopping and loading into the car for you is so helpful. I started doing it when I was pregnant with Luke and it was like a whole new world! 


- Laundry... I have never and will never be caught up on laundry. Hauling heavy baskets - not good for my neck. There is always a mountain to wash, dry, and fold. The hardest thing is the folding. When I sit and fold it is so painful on my back and neck! I have found that the best was to fold is dumping the pile one my bed and stand. Seriously night and day difference. 


- Blowing Bubbles.... Weird one right? But hear me out... My boys LOVE chasing bubbles outside. They want me to do lots of them and it is so, so hard for me to physically blow bubbles. After about 3 wands I am crazy dizzy and not feeling well. Jeremy just got a little whale bubble machine and I almost cried with happiness. It is little things like this that change your day to day and make the little moments more enjoyable. 


- Exercise... There have been many times "people" tell me I will feel better if I just exercise more. This is so wrong for me for so many reasons. Exercise is a very difficult balance. I used to run cross country and track and I was pretty good. I can't run anymore. It nearly triggers a migraine instantly. My body can only handle low impact things like yoga and walking. Running a marathon is not going to fix me. Migraine is a neurological disorder that does not have a cure (yet). 


- Reading... I love to read. It is amazing. I get sucked into a good book and have a hard time putting it down, and there is where the problem starts. Reading is a trigger and over-reading is so bad for me. I can't let myself indulge in books the way my heart wants to. 


- Speaking... I am not talking about standing up in front of a crowd and giving a speech. I mean just normal talking. My sentences get scrambled, I loose words and go totally blank. It is very hard to wade through the muck and fog that is my brain to put my thoughts into speech (and sometimes even when I am writing here). Jeremy and even Nathan are very good at deciphering my strange migraine babble. 



I could make this list three times longer, but I maybe will leave that for a later date... What basic things do your struggle with due to migraine or chronic illness?? 









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