The Friend That _Knows_

April 8, 2019


    It was like a nudge, a little whisper saying, "Open up to this person, it will be good for you." I had no idea how following that little feeling would change my life... 




    Chronic migraine can be so lonely and so hard to explain to other people. Even others that have migraine can't imagine the level of pain and number of attacks that I have to struggle through. I know that I certainly didn't understand it before I myself became chronic. After living with chronic migraine and having to explain myself, my pain, my triggers and so-on, I finally decided to start writing this blog. I had no idea if anyone would even read it, I just knew that it would at least be good therapy for me. Late last year I decided to connect to Instagram, and not to sound overly dramatic, it has changed my life.


    All of a sudden, there was this whole community that I got to connect with that are going through similar things. I got to follow accounts and people that understood me and others found encouragement from me (something that is still totally humbling!) One account kept standing out to me.... she was a blogger just like me, and a mom of a young son and dealing with chronic migraine. It was like a nudge, a little whisper saying, "Open up to this person, it will be good for you." I had no idea how following that little feeling would change my life. Emily and I started talking a few months ago and we haven't stopped. I hate to even say she is "new" friend, because it feels like we have known each other forever. 


    I have an amazing, small group of girlfriends that I can't live without. They are so amazing and so supportive. They can sympathize with what I am going through... but they cannot empathize with me. I have never personally known someone else going through what I do. Emily and I mirror each other in many ways, through different struggles and things we have to deal with. We empathize with each other and have a deep understanding which is a gift. I know that I can tell her thoughts and struggles that only someone else with chronic migraine could understand. We check-in daily, pray for each other and lift each other up. We remind each other not to overdo things and push our bodies too hard. I had no idea how exciting it could be to have someone in your corner that _knows_ your pain.  


    Social media can be a black hole sometimes, filled with people that think a keyboard makes them brave and invincible. I choose to focus on the good side of social media. The one that has helped me open up and share my stories and has helped me help others. I thank God for that nudge towards Emily, because I know it was Him whispering. Having someone that knows your struggles, allows you to be open and can say, "I understand because I am in that place too..." it is extra special. There is a power in knowing you are not fighting such a dark, lonely, difficult battle alone. 






*To my sweet friend, Emily. Thank you for being you xoxo







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