Micrate Review

March 27, 2019





    My migraine bestie, Emily, surprised me a few weeks ago with an amazing care package - the Micrate Box. We have all seen the endless choices of  boxes you can get or subscribe to, but this one is special because it is tailored specifically for those of us with migraine! Their company tag line is "A healing box for your hurting brain." They win points right there already! I just thought I would do a little review of what comes in the box and what I thought of each item... It would make a great gift or you can send it to yourself for some lovely self-care! 


What's in the box??? 


The packaging in super cute and cheerful...but there aren't crazy colors or patterns, that would be painful for a migraineur, which I really appreciated! It has a fun sticker with the company logo and a detailed sheet of product information and instructions. 


* Shower Steamers - These come in a bag with 5 discs. They are handmade specifically for people with headache/migraine! It has dried lavender, chamomile and essential oils (peppermint, rosemary & eucalyptus.) I loved that they were so easy to use (just place on the bottom of the shower) and they smell amazing. I am always super skeptical of any bath bombs or similar items. Being extremely sensitive to smells, those things can cause me a lot of problems. However, these shower steamers are not overwhelming and give a softer, calming scent. I have a couple left and like that they make me feel a little spoiled and a little fancy when I use them! 


* Missy J's Treats - While I like the idea of a migraine friendly treat in the box, these were not may favorite. There were two "carbo cup" included, mint and peanut butter & jelly. The mint was alright, but I was not crazy about the pb&j one. The best thing is, everyone had different taste buds, so just because I thought they were okay don't mean other people won't love them. Plus I think anytime you have a gluten free food item, at least for me, it takes a few tries to get used to the taste and texture. 


* Muscle Ache Salve - This is another great, handmade item! I really like that the smell is not overpowering and it salve is very gentle. I can even use it on my temples with out any issues - in the past I have had things actually cause a lot of pain and skin irritation! Scary and not helpful during an attack. This mild salve is awesome. 


* Organic Teas - I am a tea drinker - but I have to be cautious because some can be triggering. These two are really nice though. They are made by Teapigs, are organic, and delicious. There are two kinds in the box - snooze and calm, two tea bags of each. I love the snooze one most. Having a cup of tea like that before bed is definitely relaxing and helps me fall asleep easier. 


* Dry Brush - I have never done dry brushing before, but after trying out this one I am a fan. One of the great things about the Micrate Box is the detailed information/instructions it gives. I learned that dry brushing is "a form of lymphatic massage" which can be helpful in calming and maybe even preventing pain. It also exfoliates your skin and it feels nice -just don't push down too hard like I did at first! 


* Crystal Amethyst Roller - Hands-down my favorite thing in the box! It feels amazing when I roll it over my temples and forehead. The instructions say you can keep it in the fridge or freezer, but I just like to keep it on my nightstand for easy access. It is said to have calming effects on the nervous system, help circulation, muscle tension and ease pain. I think that is helps a lot with the muscle tension in my face. 








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