I'm ONE!

March 10, 2019


    Over a year ago, I felt a calling to open up about my life with chronic migraine that frankly made me nervous, unsure and intimidated. I waited and thought about it, prayed and then I started to get excited... maybe someone needed to hear my voice, story and experiences. And if not, it would at least be therapeutic for me to put my thoughts down. I had no idea how much stepping out of my comfort zone, taking a chance on myself and jumping into writing my own blog would literally change my life. 


    Someone once asked if I do the writing myself .... Yes, I do (with the exception so far of one guest post from my best friend!) Someone once asked if it was hard to come up with ideas... Honestly, no. At times I struggle with how I want write something, but I have yet to run out of things to say. Living with chronic migraine, I am constantly learning new things about myself and this amazing community. There is always something for me to say when it comes to my life, my sweet family and my relationships. I've also had the opportunity to use this space to open up about my miscarriages (which was so hard, but I knew it was so right), PCOS and infertility struggles.  I am so humbled and thrilled that people show up each week to see what I have to say and give me amazing feedback that motivates me to keep going, to keep sharing.


    When I started the blog, I also made a corresponding Facebook page to go along with it. It's been a great way to connect and put my blog out on that platform... but I also felt like I could do more, reach more people and find more connections with others like myself. A couple months ago I took another leap (I had avoided this social media platform for years, thinking I wouldn't have a real use for it) and made an Instagram page for the blog (@beautyandthemigrainebeast1). Having zero clue of how this platform works or what to expect I set an arbitrary goal of having 100 followers by the time the blog hit it's first birthday. Growth on Facebook had been limited and slow, so I thought I was setting a kind of crazy goal for Instagram. Today, I have over 400 followers on Instagram and 133 followers on Facebook. It absolutely blows my mind. 


    Whenever I write a blog, social media post or anything I think about all those people that follow me on this journey. I imagine them all in one space, one room, and it is so humbling. I love how Jenna Kutcher (amazing girl boss and one of the incridible women I look up to) says that even if you just have ONE follower, you are an influencer. Wow, that is a great perspective and it really helps you not get caught up on the seesaw of social media! 


    There are two things that make me so incredibly grateful that I took a chance on myself and this dream. First, whenever  I hear from someone that says I have helped them, impacted them, gave a different perspective it almost brings to tears (and often does, because who am I trying to kid, I am a crier haha!) The whole reason I started Beauty And The Migraine Beast was to connect with others like me, to let them know that they are not alone in this lonely disease, to raise awareness, and to educate others that might not have know much about chronic migraine or what living with it is like. Second, I thank God daily for the amazing connections that I have made. These connections have turned into friendships, lifelines of unending support and a true community. If I had not followed that calling, that voice telling me I needed to share this part of my soul with others, I would not be where I am today- surrounded by support, love and people that truly care about what I have to say. 


    To each and every one of you that take the time to read what I write, share my words with others and show me so much love and support - THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I am so in love with this journey, and I truly hope that you come along with me as I continue to do my best to share, connect, support and spread the love and kindness that has been poured out to me. I especially want to thank my amazing husband... He allowed me to take the steps and make this all happen. He is may biggest fan, proof-reads for me, and cheers me on every step of the way. I would not be doing this without his love, caring and unending devotion to whatever dream I want to chase.  


Happy 1st Birthday, Beauty And The Migraine Beast! I am so incredibly proud of what this has become, and I hope that I can continue this passion for years to come!!! 


XO Cheers! 












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