Love Your Space

January 8, 2019


    When you spend a lot of your time in one space, it is not just important to like it- you should love it! As a person that has chronic migraine, one of the spaces I spend a lot of time in is my bedroom. In our early years of marriage, we move around several times being that we are a military family. We made the best of each place we rented, but I never felt that it was ours. I couldn't repaint or make any major changes. So, when we were blessed to be able to buy the home we are in now, I was thrilled to have a chance to truly create our home-sweet-home. Making simple changes, using things that we already loved and adding new treasures helped to transform our room into a space that it calm, comfortable and relaxing. 



Some of my favorite details about our bedroom...


*Our bedroom set - This was one of the very first things we purchased & it has moved around the country with us. It is beautiful and helps the room feel welcoming and comfortable. 




*Antique mirror - I actually doubt it is a legit antique, but  we found it at a cute shop locally (originally intended to be put in the nursery, but there was no room for it). It added a rustic, farmhouse touch that was missing. I also love the way the boys runs up to it and look at themselves/dances around. The bottom half usually has lots of tiny finger prints. 




*The dark ceiling - When we moved into our house the bedroom was a medium gray with a dark  blue/gray ceiling. I knew I wanted to paint and we started with the walls. We picked a soft, clam green- it's perfect. I put off the dreadful job of painting the ceiling, low and behold, when we got all of our bedding in the new color and the ceiling color were perfect! Everything just flowed together and the whole room felt like a hug. Also, when I am not feeling well I appreciate the dark color above me instead of the classic, bright white. 




* Berry garland - Adding this simple touch made me fall in love with our bedroom set all over again! Jeremy and I picked it up on vacation over the summer, so it also has those nice memories tied to it. 




*Family photos - When you have to spend time away from the people you love the most because of a chronic illness, it's nice to have pictures of them close. Seeing the precious smiles of my boys and husband and thinking of the days the pictures were taken are a comfort. 


*Phillips Hue lightbulbs - Jeremy surprised me with these for Christmas and I am in LOVE. I can control all the lights in our room with Alexa (we have a Echo dot on my nightstand) and dim them to exactly the right level when I want light, or turn them on/off without having to get out of bed. 


*Microfiber sheets (Home Classics, from Kohl's) - I discovered this brand a few years ago and never went back to another. They are so soft, wash well, and have several patterns to choose from. Also, if you wait for a good sale you can get them for a crazy good price. 


*Mother Mary cameo - This piece warms my soul... It is a reminder of the true blessing and deep love of motherhood. My grandmother gave this to me as a gift when L was baptized, which makes it all the more special to me. 








    What are some of the things you love most about your home? What is a favorite space and how have you transformed it into a place you love? 






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