January 1, 2019



    Welcome to the new year! It's day 1... For some this can be exciting, and others feel overwhelmed. For me, it is a chance to refocus my thoughts, direction and purpose for the days to come. I never set some impossible goal or make crazy new resolutions. Each new year is like an unwritten chapter of my life. I have 365 days to fill the pages that will become fond memories. I know that not every day will be lavished with sunshine and perfect health, but I try to focus on the good that each day brings - no matter how small it may seem. 


    Last year I can't give you an exact number of the days that were taken from me or affected by chronic migraine, but I have pain more days than I don't. I am pretty diligent at tracking, but there are some times that slip past me and I am too drained to go back and fill in the blanks. Most days, when you are living with a chronic illness, you take one at a time. Even so, I feel like 2018 went past in a blink... which leads me to my goal for this year. 


   I want to take each gift of a day and look at it with gratitude. Truly I am a positive person and like to see the good, but it's not always easy or the main focus. N can get very negative and is hard on himself, so Jeremy and I are constantly trying to help him see the glass half full. We ask him to tell us about the good, happy things that happened during the days and to be thankful for those blessings. Not only do I want to end my day thinking about the positives, but I want to wake up and start my days with gratitude in my heart. 


    The last thing I want to do is wish away the time, the precious 365 days I have to spend with my family. Even on days I am not feeling well, I have to stay in my room and I am wishing for the pain to stop- I don't want to wish away my time. I have these amazing boys and a loving husband, whom I am so very grateful for each day... but I want to slow down and soak up the everyday moments that make up our life. The giggles, snuggles, discovery of new things,  reading books, and just playing together. When you see the good and you express a deep gratitude for what you have, your life has more focus, calm and joy- and who couldn't use more of that in the days to come? 









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