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December 18, 2018




    It can be hard to find someone just the right gift. You want to choose something thoughtful, useful and if you're shopping for someone that has migraine/chronic migraine you want to pick something that won't have a negative affect on their health. Hopefully you will find this gift list helpful and inspire you to give confidently to that special person in your life! 




* A beautiful water bottle 

    Staying hydrated is very, very important when you are living with migraine. It's always nice to have something pretty to use instead of a plain cup or bottle. My favorite at the moment is the Tervis 24oz water bottle (which my mom got me as a gift for Christmas)... You can find it on Amazon in several colors and designs. 


* An extra large heating pad 

    This is on my wish list for sure. When my neck is stiff and painful I love using my heating pad, but I wish it was larger so I do not have to move it around as much. 


* A gel ice pack 

    When I have a high pain level migraine, I have a couple ice packs that I rotate in and out of the freezer. I bag of frozen peas just doesn't cut it. A reusable, gel ice pack with a soft cover is essential. I would love to have an extra one or two, but decent ones are not cheap and I don't want to spend the money- thus it's a great gift idea. 


* A great pair of sunglasses (or a gift card for some)

    If you know what kind of sunglasses the person likes this is a great idea... if you aren't sure you can always get a gift card. I have my favorite pair of sunglasses, but I always like to have an extra just in case. 


* Jewelry 

   If you are shopping for a woman, jewelry is usually a safe bet. However, if the person has migraine be mindful of the weight of the pieces especially if you are considering a necklace or earrings. My go-to accessory is a loose fitting bracelet. My best friend and husband probably keep Alex & Ani in business (haha!!!) They are light, pretty and you can wear one or several at a time. 


* Massage/Spa gift card 

    Before we had N I was able to get regular massages, but after kids it just doesn't fit into our monthly budget. This is an easy gift that can be so beneficial for someone with migraine, or anyone really! A little pampering is nice and not something most people do for themselves. 





I am sending love, blessings and wishes for a healthy Christmas to all! xoxo 












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