A Little Help

December 3, 2018





    For a long, long time now my grandmother has been trying to talk me into hiring a cleaning lady. She knows that the daily tasks of keeping up a home can be difficult for me. She knows the exhaustion of chasing young children and needing to give yourself a break. Having raised five children, my grandmother is a fount of wisdom that I go to often. 


    Vacuuming is hard for me. For the average person this statement may seems ridiculous, but it's not. When you have chronic migraine with noise and over exertion being potential triggers, vacuuming can be a necessary cleaning ritual that you dread. Often by the time I am finished with the whole house I am left dizzy with my head slightly buzzing... Toss in a baby that was afraid of the noise and big scary machine for a time and needed to be held while you vacuumed... yikes! 


    A lot of the best things in my life, that I love the most, I said I would never do/have (including being with someone in the military, driving a mini van, moving out of state or getting tattoos) so I try to be more selective about things I say never to. I smile and nod to my grandma when she suggests the cleaning lady, but I don't let myself say never. Actually, when we moved in to this house I had to have a cleaning company come before we moved in because I was out of state - they did a terrible job. I like to clean a certain way and have high expectations, so letting all of that fall into someone else's hands makes me uneasy. 


    No, for right now the cleaning lady is not right for us, but we did do something that I am crazy about- we got a robotic vacuum. I never put too much thought into getting one simply because they are so expensive and I felt that even though it is hard for me, one of my jobs is to just get the vacuuming done. Well, we got an ammmmmmmmazing deal on a Shark (thank you Kohls) and we decide to go for it. 


     I LOVE IT! I think the boys might love it more, N named "him" Sharky, L calls it Shark Shark and likes to tell me it bump bumps. They follow it around and L has to visit is while it charges. To me, it honestly feels like it is my little cleaning lady. I don't have to worry about the physical aspect of vacuuming all the time and it is very quiet, even on max. I let it run and then I can get several other things checked off of my list or I can rest. 


    What Sharky has taught me is that sometimes you need a helping hand more than you realize. A small change can make a big difference in how you feel and the way you run your home. I had no idea that self-care could come in the form of a vacuum. When you are managing a home, family and balancing a chronic illness on top of that, you can feel like you are less than for not being able to accomplish all the things on your "list." The most important thing is to give your self grace and encouragement... and if your helping hand comes in the form of a cleaning lady or a robot vacuum go for it. If it doesn't work for your family you can always cancel the cleanings or return the vacuum! 







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