8 Easy Self-Care Ideas

November 5, 2018



     It is said time and time again... You can't pour from an empty cup. But honestly, sometimes, as busy individuals it is very hard to find time for self-care. "Other" things take up a lot of time and just feel more important than self focus... and often (especially busy moms) feel that any time taken to fill their own cup feels selfish. I know first hand that guilty feeling, but (this past month especially) I have been trying to take some time each day - even if it is only ten minutes - to do something for myself. It helps me to just take a deep breath, focus on my goals for the day or week and slow down internally. Calming the crazy storm of lists, thoughts and hurried parts of life also has helped me to have more patience, which is not always easy to have constantly when balancing two busy boys, life and chronic illness.   


Below are a few of my favorite ways to practice self-care... 



1) Ice Cream...

    Seriously! I don't drink, I eat well and take care of myself, so at the end of some days (especially stressful, crazy days) I have my favorite chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. It is comfort food to me, and I try not to feel guilty about letting myself indulge. 


2) Devotional...

    This is a really wonderful way to slow down and focus on something you want to spend more time contemplating... There are SO many different kinds of devotional for whatever season of life you are in. Go to amazon and browse... Marriage, parenting, faith... I am sure you can find something that speaks to your heart. Usually they are comprised of quick, daily reads that are meant to make you think. Right now I am reading Embraced by Lysa TerKeurst. 


3) Binge Watch...

    Watching a few episodes of your favorite show can be relaxing and fun. You can even make some popcorn and have a date night too. It's not a waste of time to decompress, so don't feel guilty about it and do NOT fold any laundry while you watch because that kind of defeats the purpose! 


4) Cook Your Favorite Meal...

    Some of my favorite meals are the ones that take some time to make... homemade chicken pot pie, spaghetti and meatballs, etc... I am not a foodie at all. Most of the time I feel annoyed that I have to eat to survive. There are those few favorite meals, though, that I look forward to sitting down to. They feel like home and it's always worth the time it takes to cook. 


5) List 5 Things You Love About Yourself...

    This is not an easy one for me to do, but I think that makes it all the more important. 5 is not that big of a number, so why is it so hard to come up with at times? We are very hard on ourselves and it is easy to focus on the negative things happing in our world. It is important to be mindful of the good, especially within yourself. 


6) Home Facial...

   I have always been just a face wash and moisturizer kind of girl. Why? Because I didn't want to spend the money on myself for facial stuff. I am not even talking about the crazy fancy, expensive stuff either- I mean any kind. But recently I got one of the new Olay face mask sticks (fresh reset $10) and I LOVE it. I took ten minutes to myself and when I washed my face it felt amazing. My skin was soft, extra clean and I just felt good. WHY have I waited so long to make this small investment in myself? Don't let the guilt of self-care stop you from trying something new. 


7) Drink Your Coffee Hot...

    Or in my case tea. Honestly, I really look forward to my hot cup of tea each morning, and I rarely got to drink it while it is still hot. That always felt annoying and kind of put a crinkle in my mood. It is something small and may seem silly, but I know juggling so many things in the morning puts self-care off the radar. Normally I would be doing lots of things for everyone else as my tea sat on the counter getting cold. But lately, I have been getting the boys the basic things they need and then sitting down with them AND my tea. They nibble on breakfast and play and I enjoy watching them and drinking my tea HOT at the same time. I also tell them no I can't get this or that right now, I will help you after I am finished with my tea. I know it seems like such a small thing, but changing little things can make a big impact on your whole day. 


8) Create...

    Whenever I make something and take time to be creative, I feel my soul get an instant boost. I sewed the boys trick-or-treat bags for Halloween and am so glad to took the time to do it. I had the materials, but wasn't sure I would have the time to complete them... But I decided to just go for it. More often than not I don't start something I really, really want to work on because I am sure I don't have the time. Self-care is about making time. 





What is your favorite way to practice self-care? 











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