September 13, 2018


    When you are going through the motion of finding out what is best for your body, there are many different paths to pursue. A couple years into my journey with migraine, I decided to see a chiropractor. I knew that some people feel immediate relief and swear by it, so I was excited to try it for myself.


    Over the course of almost 2 years I saw two different doctors. This first doctor I saw came highly recommended, but it took me over an hour to get to his office. After taking x-rays and discussing my medical history, he adjusted my jaw (once) and my neck and back several times over the course of many months. I used to hyperextend my jaw and had always ground my teeth at night, needing a bite guard to protect my teeth. Having my jaw adjusted by the chiropractor made a world of difference! I didn't have the hyperextension, jaw pain, no longer needed the bite guard and hardly ever grind my teeth anymore.


    At this point I was happy that my jaw felt better, but I was not happy that my migraines were not improving. I was also tired of taking the long drive, so I decided to change doctors and find a place closer to home. I loved my new doctor and continued to see him until Jeremy and I got married. Once I was on Jeremy's insurance, chiropractic treatment was no longer covered so I stopped going. When I stopped with the back and neck adjustments, I realized something important. Even though it felt great initially, I think the adjustments did more harm than good. My neck would feel very painful and sore after the adjustments and I would always get a migraine. My pain level and the frequency of attacks really did not change, even though I tried to tell myself that surely it was helping.


    Sometimes you have a great hope that something will help eventually even when you have been waiting for a while to see results. Everyone responds differently, so I am not saying that a chiropractor isn't helpful, after all my jaw issues were fixed from the adjustment! When my neck is tight and I have knots it can trigger a migraine. I find that gentle yoga, physical therapy stretches and massage are the most helpful for my neck pain.



Have you ever tried chiropractic treatment? Was it helpful? 













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