Something Nice

July 27, 2018

    I took some time this week to play around with designing some business cards for my site. The name is long and sometimes when I have spoken to people about it, I wished I had something to give them so they wouldn't forget the blog or even be able to pass it on to someone else. Researching and going through all the design options was fun, relaxing and creative. I love delving into projects and seeing the end result. What started as just playing turned into excitement. Soon I was talking to Jeremy and ordering the cards, a magnet and a shirt for myself. It shipped crazy fast and I got within a couple of days...


    Upon opening the box and seeing my new treasures, my soul just felt so happy. Even if all my cards end up in a recycling bin and nobody pays attention to my shirt, I am still happy. Yes, it could help me reach more people and I hope that it does of course. This was something nice I did for myself. I think that in a busy world where most people (especially parents) are putting everyone else first, it is important to do something nice for yourself once in a while. Self care doesn't just mean eating well and getting rest, I think that  you need to do some of those little things that make your soul happy - it's like giving yourself a hug. 


    What I want to tell all of you this week is short and sweet...Be kind to yourself and pick one thing to do that's just for you.




Here are as few ideas to help you think of something...


*Visit your favorite local shop to browse 

*Make your favorite meal

*Pick up a new book from the library 

*Buy some fresh flowers for you home 

*Try a new drink at the coffee shop 
















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