Most Important

July 19, 2018



    Today I had big plans for myself and a long list of "to-do's" including writing a post about another one of my trial/error migraine treatments... I put L down for his morning nap ready to eat, shower and start on my cleaning. I managed to down some toast, shower and half dry my hair before my fussy boy woke up from his teeth hurting. *sigh* I reluctantly pushed my "important" things aside and shifted my plans, after all there was always the afternoon nap. 


    We went off to the grocery store, the whole trip taking about an hour and a half. L wanted me to hold him pretty much the entire trek through the store. Haul a wiggly, eager, cranky, twenty-five pound toddler that long (while shopping, pushing the cart, checking out and loading the car!) and tell me it isn't a workout! I managed to keep L awake the whole ride home, plopped him in the highchair and fed him while I unloaded and put away groceries.


    Second nap time, we made it and L was pretty good for being tired and cranky. Once he was down, I had time to put a few things away and eat a PB&J before L was up again. I forgot all about my list and writing as I scooped up my sad boy and he hugged me, a huge wave of comfort flowing through him. This is what is most important, always. I held him and we rocked. He fell asleep and I just held him for almost two hours.


     On rare days when I am good, low pain and no migraine, I feel as if  I need to tackle a majority of my list - especially things that I have let slide from the days I wasn't feeling well. However, when my boys need me that is all that matters. I let go of feeling like I got "nothing done" today because that just isn't true. L didn't care that I didn't start the load of wash, the dusting wasn't finished or the upstairs wasn't ready for tomorrow.  I gave my baby comfort that he could only find snuggled in my arms. I did the most important work today.





Remember to give yourself grace and stay focused on the things that truly matter. Lists can wait, little ones can't... and they won't be little for long. 



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