IT'S JUNE!!!!!

June 1, 2018





   Welcome to June- It is (finally) officially migraine awareness month! My whole reason for starting this blogging adventure was to bring migraine awareness, and now is a perfect time to help me shine more light on this cause. Maybe you suffer from migraines or maybe it's a loved one. Maybe you just know of someone that suffers, or maybe you don't know anybody directly.... But hopefully over that past couple of months, you have gotten to know me. I am going to ask that you participate and share more this month in the hope that with your help I can reach more people. I want those suffering to know they are not alone. This can be a disease that sinks you into loneliness and depression. It isolates you out of a necessity to survive each attack. I want those that are caregivers to know that they are appreciated and they are also not alone. I want those that have never had the need to know much about migraine learn something. 


    How many friends do you have in your email or social media platforms? Hundreds? Thousands? How many of those people suffer from migraine? How many of them know somebody else that does? My point is you don't really know that answer to these questions. So, this month I ask that you share my posts and blogs. I want to try and reach as many people as I can. A simple click, forward or share from you could really help someone down the line through this web of connections. Let's work together to make the most of this opportunity for an extra dose of awareness. I love sharing my journey and my hope is that you feel all the effort, love and care I put into my work. 


    I have been on pins and needles to share these awareness photos with you! Pin them, post them, share them, use them on all your social media (but please leave my web address intact)! I can't wait to see how far we can go this month. Keep an eye out for great posts and giveaways! Thank you so so much for your support! 




























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