I wear my sunglasses at night

May 22, 2018


    Sun, clouds, rain, snow, fog, darkness, outside and inside- I have worn my sunglasses for all of these situations. Obviously, when it is a beautiful, sunny day lots of people have on their sunglasses as well, but I often get strange looks when I am wearing them in inclement weather or inside. I have worn them laying in bed, sitting through college lectures and even teaching an entire class of students. 


     Have you ever seen someone doing something you think is odd and automatically think something judgmental? I certainly have, even if I don't want to admit it. However, because I often have to live my life in a way that looks odd to others, my focus is no longer "Oh, they are bing so weird...what are they doing!?" Now I think, "I wonder what they are struggling with and I hope that their day gets better/is blessed/turns out okay." I even try to think about that when I get stuck behind a slow driver- maybe they are unfamiliar with the area, maybe they are being extra careful because they have a new baby in the car or maybe they are elderly and being cautious. 


    The world we live in today is SO fast to judge every single little thing. It is exhausting. Over the weekend I forced my boys the watch the royal wedding with me. They did not appreciate it (hahaha), but there was something magical about everyone coming together all over the world to watch a such special ceremony. The weather was perfect, the flowers were elegant, all the guests and people looked so happy and dressed in their best. The actually wedding was filled with sweet moments and Harry and Meghan just looked so in love (sigh) ... And as soon as it was over it seemed like the world started to bash everything. Her dress was too plain, the hair and makeup wasn't good enough, why wasn't she more emotional, the royal family should have looked a certain way, the preaching was too long, the guests got ranked on best/worst dress lists, she must just be a gold digger.....WHAT?! Were these people even watching what happened? Were they just making lists and searching for any little thing to jump on. After watching the wedding and feeling so happy, my heart hurt seeing all the negativity that followed. Why do we do that? Why can't we only speak positively? Are we as a society so out of practice that we can't see the good in life first? 


    What does all that have to do with me, my chronic illness and my sunglasses? When I look at the world, no matter what it is, I choose to try and see the good first. Even on days I have a migraine I look for the good. At the beginning of the year I started a list on my phone. Every day, at the end of the day, I write down one thing I am thankful for. Some days it might be something big and other days something very small...

Here are a few examples

1/4- L took good naps today

1/14- Thankful we are able to change what we want on the house 

1/20- N hugged me today for getting a new laundry basket for his room

2/22- horrible migraine, but Jeremy was able to stay home 

3/10- officially launched my blog

3/21- I felt okay today 

5/2- breakfast date 


    I want to pour more grace and thankfulness in my life and my family. When I am out with the boys and we see someone struggling or a kid misbehaving, instead of judging and being snarky I use it as a teaching moment. To me, the most important thing is to be kind and have compassion for others. I want to look at a royal wedding day, and every other day of the year, and be mindful and thankful. I choose to put on my sunglasses like my own personal crown and give that other person having a hard time a reassuring nod, because who couldn't use an extra boost of kindness? 







What are your favorite ways to focus on the good in life?















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