Craft Closet

May 18, 2018

    I love to craft and to be creative, and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. N would do crafts and art projects 24/7 if he could. I am sure L will enjoy it too, but right now he just tries to eat the crayons and paper, so we keep him away from it. As much as I love to create things, there are many times it is just too much, I don't have the energy or I have a migraine. So, when we do make things I like to often pick  projects that N can actually use or play with later.  That way, when I am not at my best he can still be creative and have fun with the things we made together.



The following are some of the supplies that we love and usually have on hand, and ideas that can spark creative play long after the hot glue gun has cooled...  



Egg cartons - As  seen in the  photo,  you can  make  any kind of cute  animal, bug, or vehicle out of these! The ideas are endless. 


Craft pom poms- Not only can it be a little turtle face, but you can make caterpillars, games and art with them.  Also  N loves to just have  "fuzz  ball fights" ... we literally just throw them at each other. Usually that is reserved for days I am feeling good, but I let him toss them around anytime L is napping. It is quiet, keeps N busy and wears him out.  


Craft sticks- Grab a big bag from the craft store (or just order on Amazon haha) otherwise your kid will want to eat 4,000 popsicles. One of my favorite things to use these for are paper puppets. These are so easy and endlessly entertaining for little ones. Ask you kid what theme they want (jungle, ocean, favorite tv show, anything!) Google some images, print them out, cut out, lightly hot glue onto the tops of the sticks. Easy! And then you can just keep them in a box or plastic bag and keep adding to the collection. In no time your kids with have a go-to paper theater that will spark hours of imagination. 


Stickers- ANY kind of sticker. Pattern  practice, scene creation, cards to send family members...N even just has a notebook my mom got him and when he gets new stickers he puts them in the book. It used to upset him to have to use the ones he really liked or wanted to keep forever -thanks Mom for the easy  fix! 


Construction paper- Our household would probably not function without it. The first thing N did this  morning was ask for crayons and paper so he could make signs to hang in the guest bathroom (our new glass shower is covered in the most adorable smiley faces and welcome signs now.) 


 Hot glue gun-I use it at least twice a week, and it helps the creations last more than 10 minutes! 


Glitter glue pens- Every kid loves glitter, no mom likes to clean it up after it explodes. Save some mess and invest in the glitter glue. 


Crayons- I might be a crayon snob, but we really only like Crayola. I have gotten other kinds and they just can't compete. I also prefer crayons to markers because N doesn't like getting the marker on himself (many a meltdown even when we have washable one!) 


Beads and buttons- You can never have too many- N loves to make me jewelry, patterns and even simple Christmas ornaments. 


Gel pens- I let N use my gel pens and he thinks it is extra special because they are mine and there are so many to choose from. I got a great deal on a huge assorted box from Amazon. 



Our upcoming craft list for spring time include :

- coffee filter butterflies 

- painted rocks (bugs and food) for outdoor play

- egg carton flowers 



What are some of your favorite craft supplies to have handy? What are some of your kids favorite crafts? Let me know if you tried anything from this list, and most importantly have fun! 






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