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April 3, 2018




    Guess what? I love my television... some days it is my best friend. When I am in pain, foggy from my medications and can't do much, that giant chunk of technology on my wall is a lifesaver. I can snuggle on the couch and rest with the boys and we watch cartoons together. L mostly just wobbles around and brings me toys, but N will snuggle up, snack and center his play around being close to me. There are about a billion show/movies choices out there and trust me, there are some I just can't handle when I am not feeling well (let alone a good day!) … I'm looking at you My Little Pony, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sid The Science Kid. All the noise, flashing and crazy voices on so many shows can quickly make my ongoing migraine worse, or trigger a new one when I am recovering. He are some of my favorite picks for when I need fairly clam, easy on my head options. (Movies are usually too much and N is just not into them right now, so we stick to shows.) Many of these shows can be found on different apps/platforms, but I will list them under where they originate.


PBS Kids

  • Wild Kratts

  • Clifford

  • Curious George

  • Daniel Tiger (But good grief not the one with the broken trumpet or when he's being too loud for O the owl!)



  • Llama Llama

  • Spirit Riding Free


Disney Jr.

  • Goldie and Bear

  • Sophia The First

  • Sheriff Callie


Nick Jr.

  • Nella The Princess Knight

  • Little Bear


Amazon Prime

  • Tumble Leaf

  • Creative Galaxy



All of these choices are pretty calm and most importantly educational. It is nice to have N watch and learn new facts and words. He is always asking questions, and usually tells Jeremy all kinds of new things when he comes home. His memory is unbelievable, so I try to focus on shows (most of the time) that will nurture his curiosity. Last week he was all excited to share with my parents how a sloth fertilizes it's home tree (haha)...thank you Wild Kratts



What are some of your/your kiddo's go to shows? 






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