My Favorite Products 

This is my very own, curated list of favorite things for the home, family and health! Living with chronic migraine, I have to be very careful about the products that we bring into our home. My goal here is to share the things that I love and work for my family... and maybe they will become favorites of yours as well!

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Health Products

I have tried several different humidifiers in our home, and this is easily my favorite. It is small, easy to fill and perfect for bedrooms. Larger humidifiers turn the boys rooms into a cloud, even on the lowest setting. This little guy gets the job done without overwhelming the room.  

This has been my go-to ice pack for probably 12 years - seriously! My migraine pain is usually up the back of my head/neck and I can conform this ice pack to go just in the right position. The insert is made of clay, which makes is super flexible and comfortable to lay on... I have 4 of them in my freezer that I rotate when my pain is high. 

This is one of my new favorite things (I got mine from the Micrate box that was gifted to me, but this one is very similar!) A jade roller can be very helpful for facial pain when you're having a migraine. I like to gently roll it around my eyebrows and temples. You can even freeze it if you want it to be super cold, but I like to keep mine on my night stand for convince. 

My old heating pad was THE worst -hard plastic, small and just not at all comfortable! I decided to treat myself to a new one, and it's amazing. My favorite features are the soft fabric and 6 selection heat setting! 

Fast, easy and makes your face feel so fresh! This is one of my favorite ways to squeeze in some self-care. I love that it comes in the stick form, so less mess. 

Home Products 

When my husband got me an Echo for my birthday, I had no idea just how useful it would turn out to be. We are able to connect out smart features of the home (like the thermostat and lights) which we love. The boys also love talking to Alexa, doing games (like 20 questions)  and dancing around to their favorite songs. 

This helpful extension to our Echo is awesome. I have it on my nightstand and I use it the most for controlling all the lights in our bedroom (with the light bulbs I talk bout below.) I can also connect with the Echo in the kitchen (by "dropping in") to talk to my husband or the boys if I need something ... and usually the boys just like to say hello when I am resting. 

These light bulbs are AMAZING! Like I said earlier, we have them connected through our Amazon Echos. I can control all the lights in our bedroom and get very specific (ex: Alexa, turn the fan lights to 22 percent.) You can even change the temperature or color of the light the bulbs give off! It's a game changer for migraineurs! Smart home accessories like this can really improve quality of life. When I'm in too much pain to get up an manually deal with lighting, this is the perfect solution. Easy to install and you will never look back at the old bulbs! 

 Kids Toys 

These are the toys that have held up over the years in our home & are the most loved by the boys (besides cardboard boxes of course haha!) Whether you're looking for a gift idea or something for your own kiddos, I don't think you can go wrong with any of these! 


This is a selection of my favorite, go-to clothing - a mix of humor and comfort! .